Choosing a property

Organising a group can be as stressful as finding a property to fit them all in! Let Scotts help get your group organised!

You might only do this a few times in your lifetime - we do this for a living. Here are just a few things to consider when sourcing a property for a large group.

  • Choice. Your friends and family will want to help choose the property. Not only will you be liaising with one of our representatives, but you'll then be relaying that information back to all the various decision makers in your group. Talk about time consuming. And exactly when do you get the time to do all this?

Why not ask us about our group account service. We can facilitate the passing of information to and from other members in your group.

  • Price. Everyone has a slightly different budget. They will need to know how much their share of the cost will be.

    Our quotations are kept as simple and inclusive as possible, so everyone knows where they are. If you want us to copy your group in on the quotations during the 'consultation process' just ask!

  • Availability. Everyone needs to agree on a date, which isn't as easy as it sounds.

    We can help you with this .. just ask one of our helpful staff to provide you with an availability calendar tailored to suit your requirements.

    It is worth remembering that the popular school holiday and winter festivity weeks are highly sought after and often book from twelve to eighteen months in advance.

  • Payment. You may not wish to be responsible for footing the bill if you are planning on dividing the cost of the holiday amongst your group.

    Again, we can help with this .. just ask our office about our group payment facility.

At Scotts we very much believe that all the little things add up to make the difference.