Large holiday homes in England

No matter whether you live here or are a welcome vistor from afar, England has so much to offer in terms of history, culture and exploration.  The landscape varies from rugged moorland to undulating farmland, mixed woodland and Jurrasic coastlines.  Read more …

History permeates the rural hamlets, its chocolate box villages, ancient and modern cities; you'd be hard picked not to find a spot that didn't excite the senses or stimulate the imagination.  The culture from north to south is so unique, it would be easily to believe you're moving from one country to another given the range of dialects and traditions that form a part of this rich tapestry we call England.  

Not including London, the most popular spot for self catering holidays in England is the South West, particularly Cornwall and Devon because of its spectacular coastline and sandy beaches. Looking at the map straight on, the South West fills the far left triangle looking rather like the boot of Italy, with its craggy coastline narrowing down to a peninsular.    

However, in reality all 8 regions that make up England are popular holiday spots for a variety of reasons and no matter where you choose to spend your family vacation you'll always find something to do right on your doorstep.    

The 8 regions of England comprise of:

Popular Destinations

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