Good Housekeeping Deposit

The vast majority of properties we let are large, stately establishments, with fixtures and furnishings reflecting the period & style of the property, including (but not limited to) antiques and other historical and costly artefacts. It is in good faith that the Owners of these properties let out their establishments and its contents to a third party (the Client) on the understanding that the Client agrees to keep the property and all furniture, fittings, equipment and other contents in or on the property (grounds included) in the same state of repair and condition as at the commencement of the let (reasonable wear and tear is excepted).

It is on that basis that Scotts Castle Holidays has implemented the good housekeeping deposit (GHD) as security during tenancy of the property, the terms and conditions of which are contained below.

1. Seven (7) days prior to the holiday start date, SCH requires a fully refundable GHD as security during tenancy of the property. Payment of this deposit is to be submitted online by debit or credit card. Electron and AMEX cards will not be accepted.

2. In the event Clients wish to fulfil their GHD obligations by bank transfer, the bank transfer must be received by the Agency seven days prior to the holiday start date and all additional incoming and outgoing fees must be borne by the Client. International bank transfer refunds may take longer to return than debit/credit card transactions.

3. It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure payment reaches the Agency seven days prior to the holiday start date. Access to the property will be denied to all members of the group on non payment of the GHD and neither the Agency or the owner accepts any liability or charges the group may incur as a result of late (or non) entry into the property. This includes failed authorisations that cannot be rectified by the cardholder within seven days of the holiday start date.

4. Provided the property and its effects are left in an acceptable condition as per the Booking Conditions, excepting normal wear and tear, the deposit will be refunded (less any credit card or bank transfer charges).

5. If the Booking Conditions have not been met, the whole of the deposit will be utilised and any over payment will be reimbursed to the cardholder after repair, replacement or otherwise is completed.

6. The security deposit may also be utilised by SCH to discharge any additional charges or surcharges, plus any relevant VAT.

7. The Client will be responsible for reimbursing the Owner for the actual costs of any breakage or damage in or to the property, along with any additional costs that may result following the Client’s tenancy (ie. additional cleaning). Please note, the GHD is a nominated sum only and actual costs may be significantly higher.

8. The Owner/housekeeper of the property must notify the Agency in writing within 7 days of the Client’s departure that a GHD claim is being raised. In that event the Agency will attempt to inform the Client, within 48 hours that the GHD is being withheld. This will be done by phone and/or letter or email (whichever is more practicable in the circumstance) to the addresses given by the Client on the booking form.

9. The Owner/housekeeper of the property must then furnish the Agency with satisfactory documentary evidence supporting the claim (ie photographs, invoices, receipts, quotations, assessment from the Property Manager) and must mediate with the Client via the Agency, the GHD deduction to be made within 28 days of the Client’s departure.

10. In resolution of the claim, the difference between the amount deducted and the full amount taken for the GHD will be refunded to the Client.

11. Copies of all invoice/s, relevant paperwork (as described above) and credit card receipt/s will be forwarded to the Client.

12. Should a dispute arise regarding additional cleaning that is required following your stay, our policy is that the housekeepers word is final.

13. The Client should note that the booking contract is taken out between the Owner and the Client. In GHD disputes, the Agency acts as a mediator only between the two parties. If the contract is breached and legal action pursued, proceedings will be between the Owner and the Client, not the Agency.

14. The Agency will not accept any involvement in any private action bought by Owners against Clients, or Clients against Owners