Cancellation Cover

Due to circumstances beyond your control, your holiday must be cancelled... but your financial obligations are not.

So! You've decided to stay in one of our fabulous properties, you've spoken to the rest of the group, you have checked the budget, everyone has booked the time off work, the children are excited...

It is an unfortunate fact every year that many people have to cancel their holiday plans unexpectedly. If foregoing their much anticipated holiday wasn't enough, not taking out adequate holiday insurance only adds to their woes.

What would happen if you fell ill, had an accident or were otherwise prevented from staying in your holiday accommodation?

IMPORTANT: Once you have committed to a booking (by signing the booking form which is a legally binding contract) you are liable for the full payment of the holiday rental even if you end up having to cancel your holiday plans.

This is why Scotts Castle Holidays STRONGLY ADVOCATE you take out holiday insurance. Having appropriate holiday cover mitigates your financial risk in the event you need to cancel your booking and the reason is covered by your policy. Whilst our terms and conditions advise customers to take out adequate travel insurance, we are unable to offer or charge clients for this facility.

Regulations enforced in 2009 now prevent companies without the necessary FSA authorisation to sell or advise on travel insurance. No liability will be accepted should the agency discover a client who had booked a holiday through Scotts Castle Holidays had NOT taken out appropriate holiday cover.

We cannot stress enough the importance of having cancellation insurance. None of us like paying it, and few of us feel we need it. However, doing this long enough to understand that "hindsight explains the injury that foresight would have prevented".Shared between members of your group, this cover can amount to as little as £5 per person; surely a small price to pay for the peace of mind it will bring.