Large Holiday Homes Sleeping 12

Choose from holiday cottages to stately homes and castles that sleep 12 in comfort and style throughout Scotland, England and Wales

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Sleeps 12

Why it makes sense to rent a cottage or holiday home that sleeps 12

  • Fun together! – The children will have more fun with each other, and sharing the parenting will give you a break too.
  • You don’t have to go back to your b&b/cottage at the kids bedtime, and so won’t miss out on adult time either.
  • You can share out the chores between more people so will technically have less to do! (ie you may have more mouths to feed, but with other cooks available, you will get some nights off cooking too.)
  • If you are planning a celebration or party, you are all already at the venue, so setting up, catering, and cleaning up will all be easier.
  • Trying to arrange to get everyone together for an outing can be strenuous, but not if you are all staying on one house.
  • Big houses have more room. Larger reception rooms and extras like games rooms, perfect for entertaining the kids (both big and small!)
  • Spreading the cost. When dividing the total rental cost of the holiday house on a per head basis, it can work out cheaper for a larger property.


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