Sussex Large Holiday Homes


Despite the forbidding chalk cliffs of Beachy Head and the Seven Sisters, Sussex seems, historically, to have been everyone\'s favourite entry point for invading Britain. The Battle of Hastings in 1066 is perhaps the most famous example. However, this has led to a region of unusual historical interest even amongst British counties! From some of the oldest human remains found in Europe, through the Roman conquest and the Saxons, then the Normans, we have been left with an incredible amount of archaeology, architecture, and cultural diversity to consider and enjoy.

Tourism in Sussex is thriving, therefore, including as it does some attractive harbour towns, seaside resorts like Brighton and Hove, and the South Downs National Park. It\'s not a particularly intensive agricultural area, which means that much of the landscape is available to visitors. Ancient forests lie inland, and beaches and sand dunes on the coast.

There\'s Elizabethan architecture and a thriving arts scene – there are a number of excellent galleries. You can visit the homes of writers Rudyard Kipling and Virginia Woolf. The large London airport of Gatwick is another advantage that the county can benefit from as we continue to welcome visitors from abroad.