Pet policy

It is not only enjoyable but also practical for those who have pets to take them on holiday with them when possible – particularly when travelling in the UK. As such, we encourage owners to accept pets if we feel their property is suitable, however, what you may regard as perfectly acceptable may upset or offend future visitors letting the same property ie the smell or the mess your pet may leave behind.

Some properties we let will accept dogs under the strict understanding that the following terms and conditions are met as detailed below.

  • Pets must be flea treated before entering the property
  • Pets are to be kept under control at all times
  • All droppings on the premises – including and particularly in the garden should be disposed of appropriately prior to departure
  • Grooming is important – muddy paws and sandy coats are not welcome indoors
  • Pets are not permitted in the bedrooms or on the furniture
  • Pets are not to be left unsupervised on the premises as this can result in damage to the property and distress to the pet
  • Pets are to be exercised off the premises
  • All bedding must be provided for pets to sleep on
  • Crockery belonging to the property is not to be used as water/food containers for pets
  • Pet hairs must be vacuumed & swept up from the property prior to departure
  • Any paw, nose or tongue "prints" to be cleaned from floors, windows, doors etc., prior to your departure
  • Please also note that although a property may accept a pet, this does not guarantee that the property has an enclosed garden or is totally escape-proof to all pets

Any damage to the property made by your pet, or extra cleaning required (pet hair on the furniture, droppings in the garden etc) following your departure will result in an extra charge. We do expect owners of pets to be responsible and would ask everyone therefore for a little consideration now since any abuse will inevitably result in pets being banned in the future.

Pet Policy

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