Large holiday homes with WiFi

Large holiday homes with WiFi


Stay connected, with our large collection of large holiday homes and castles with wifi.  

Browse our fabulous selection of large holiday homes with wifi across Scotland, England and Wales enabling you to remain connected as often (or as little!) as you wish whilst you’re away.  Having access to wifi on holiday can be a God-send when travelling with a family as all ages can connect to their favourite device whether that’s a laptop, tablet, smartphone or games console.  

Children particularly tend to rely heavily on their smartphones and tablets and to some extent collective viewing around a television has been replaced by streaming individual programmes online. 
It’s worth remembering to check what sort of connectivity each property owner offers. Whilst some provide unlimited access, others don’t.  Additionally depending on the location, some holiday homes in very rural areas might not have access to superfast broadband. 

We’re happy to help answer all your questions in relation to connectivity, to make sure you choose the right holiday home to suit your group’s needs.  Just call our team or drop us a message and we’d be only too happy to help. 

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