I am currently sitting on an extremely comfortable sofa, straddling a nest table upon which rests my laptop.  The sunlight is literally beaming like a Cheshire cat through the vast 28 paned arch windows opposite.  Panels of light large enough to play hopscotch on rise and fall on the beige carpet.  To say I am in my element is an understatement.

My husband and I are currently on a working holiday, more work than holiday for my liking – however, I couldn’t ask for a more comfortable environment to check my emails in.  We think it’s really important for all of us working at Scotts Castle Holidays to actually stay in some of the properties we market.  Not just visit them – though that’s a good start.  We want to know what it feels like to be a guest. That way we can truly speak with authority.

Last November saw Vicky and Cheryl galavanting around Ayrshire and the Scottish Borders, staying in an assortment of self catering castles and cottages.  Now it’s our turn.  We’ve chosen to base ourselves for a week in one spot; a stunning luxury self catering castle apartment in Perthshire, and when I stay stunning I’m not exaggerating.

Photographs can only say so much about a place and I have to say that on reflection the photos our Property Manager took are a VERY good indication of what one can expect.  Except that on arrival they can’t quite describe the feeling of awe as you walk into a vast reception room with its huge shuttered windows and high ceilings; every piece of furniture perfectly placed and in keeping with its regal surrounds.  A photograph can’t describe the sensation you get when you open the interestingly curved door for the first time and walk into a space that has you thinking of beautifully laundered sheets hanging out to dry on a warm summers day.

Most of us live in  pretty average sized homes, and by the looks of the housing developments I notice around me, they are getting smaller by the day.  I have children and I know that my sitting room ain’t a relaxing environment to be in when they’re sharing this small space with me, the dog, the toys and Ceebebies!  Imagine my delight therefore to walk into this huge castle apartment and know that I will have the indulgence of enjoying this room (and the others) without feeling cramped for a whole week.

And that’s what it can feel like spending time in some of our self catering holiday homes.  Indulging in the luxury of space.

If you feel the need to unwind in some pretty spectactular space yourself, why not check out this very spacious castle apartment.  They have just started accepting small groups of 4 on a self catering basis for short break stays in low and mid season at a reduced price (the apartment normally sleeps 10).  For pricing and details you will need to contact Lynda or Vicky at  [email protected] or 01208 821 341.

Any guest who books this self catering castle apartment this month for a holiday taking place in April, May or June 2009 will be sent a complimentary bottle of champagne courtesy of Scotts Castle Holidays, on arrival.