Wild food, wild life, wild Scotland – and the best bit of all, it is all organic and green, and to be found in the most beautiful parts of Scotland. So the foraging season approaches with the promise of mushroom picking for chanterelles, ceps and boletus. Whilst it is advised to pick with an expert, this is becoming more popular with the British, though it is still a way of life for the French, Italians and the Eastern Europeans. From July through to November, this wild harvest is abundant, and is free to pick throughout Scotland for your own consumption, subject to the Scottish Outdoor Access Code, which is always worth reading before you go out into the Scottish countryside.

An ideal large holiday house for groups of up to14 adults, who want a self-catering holiday house as a base to forage for wild food and for a wide range of activities, is this Victorian Fishing Lodge near Fort William. Why not find out more today at Scotts Castle Holidays?