All the craziness associated with Christmas, the parties, the celebrations, the feasting. Then before you know it’s done and New Year’s resolutions are the next hot topic. How many of us set resolutions these days? How few of us actually stick to them? We’ve grilled the team to create this list of most common New Year’s resolutions. Which will be on your list this year…

1. Join a gym

Joining a gym may give you the motivation which is much needed at this time of year, alternatively if you’d rather not have the commitment of paying a membership then why not join a local walking club or get together with a friend for a weekly cycle ride?

2. Eat healthier

So we’ve all eaten and drank more than we normally would this past few weeks, and now’s the time to eat healthier and feel fitter! This might just be drinking more water each day or cutting down on your mid-morning coffee and biscuit breaks.

3. Spend less money

Think we can all relate to this New Year’s resolution! Especially after a festive season of present buying and sale shopping.


4. Quit alcohol 

Cutting down or quitting completely is a great move towards an overall healthier lifestyle. Identify triggers, use substitutes and enlist the help of a friend or a support group to curb your cravings.

5. Spend more time with the family

Nobody reaches old age and wishes they’d worked harder.  It’s becoming more and more easy to gather up some friends and (select) family and take yourselves off for a UK based mini-break. In fact, wellness tourism is on the increase and large houses that provide ample space for groups (and pets) are a great opportunity to relax. Remember, a holiday is having nothing to do and all day to do it in!

Games room

6. Gain a new qualification or learn a new language

Might be to help you get closer to that dream job or perhaps just about self-improvement and knowledge gain. And recent reports have said that even if you’re no good at learning the language it’s great exercise for the brain!

 7. Watch less TV

Easier said than done, especially when Netflix and the like keep streaming fabulous series after fabulous series. But look no further than no.8 on our list to help you out with this one!


8. Read more books

Give yourself some time out and read a book on your lunch break or in the evening before bed. Put down your phone and pick up a book instead – like the good old days (pre-smart phones!). Guaranteed to take your mind off any troublesome issues and with so many free e-books or if using a local library then its free entertainment!

9. Swear less

Hmmm again…easier said than done but do your best and get a friend or work colleague to help you or introduce a swear jar. Something I’m trialling at the moment is pretending my 93 year old grandmother is always within earshot…

10. Stop smoking

Perhaps a decreasing habit of society as we know so much more these about the cancer-related health risks of smoking. But still a habit many struggle to break. Possibly the best of all New Year’s resolutions if it’s to be your year to crack the habit. You can do it!

11. Travel

This is top of so many peoples new year’s resolutions yet it doesn’t have to be expensive or even necessarily abroad. There may be a part of the UK you’ve always wanted to visit such as the Lakes or the Highlands.  Sometimes exploring a few hours beyond your own region can develop traditions and ties with other parts of the country you barely knew existed.  Wherever you travel in the UK every region will offer a host of unique events and festivals all easily sourced via your local booking agent or tourist information centre. If spending time with family and friends over the festive season is your kind of thing, check out our large holiday homes in Scotland.

Make this year your year of UK travel.  Step out and see what you discover. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

large holiday house by a loch in Scotland