Many visitors come to the UK to experience its extraordinarily rich and diverse heritage and many choose to do so by booking one of the many impressive castles, large houses and mansions all of which can be rented on a self catered basis for spring and summer vacations and used as a base to explore the local area.

If you are bringing your family or friends over for that one in a lifetime vacation, whatever the reason let Scotts Castle Holidays take the worry and the work away from you. Once you have told us a bit about your needs, we will use our connections and experience to find your ideal self catering holiday property.

  • You can be confident that we personally inspect the properties we market
  • You can be confident that having been in this business for over 20 years we must be doing something right!
  • You can be confident that as a professional agency bound by company law your legal and fiscal rights will be well protected

We take great pride in placing our guests first with a service that is friendly and personal. Our efficient and cheerful staff will do their best to ensure that your stay in one of our properties is a happy and memorable one.

Both the wattage and the shape of electrical sockets is different in the UK. Overseas visitors will be able to use electrical appliances (hairdryer, laptop, etc.) with the help of a plug adapter. These are available from the Internet, hardware and electrical goods stores, some dispensaries and many airports. They also come in sets of adapters for more than one country, useful if the UK is not the only country you plan to travel to. Be sure to buy one with three prongs (US) if your appliance requires it. Men’s electric razors sometimes require a unique plug adapter, which should be labeled as such.

Maybe obvious, maybe not: Do not attempt to plug in a US appliance into a UK socket without a plug adapter, as it may result in breakage, injury or fire.

Legal currency in the UK is pound Sterling (£). Please ensure that you have enough local currency during your stay to enjoy the the smaller attractions or amenities that will only accept cash. The majority of supermarkets, eateries, garages, dispensaries, and high street shops throughout the UK accept most or all the major credit cards (although sometimes surcharges may apply). The financial section of most newspapers publish the exchange rates. Our website has a link to a currency converter which you may find useful. Post Offices in the UK now buy and sell currency as well as the leading Banks. If in doubt, ask one of our staff members and we will be happy to advise.

There is no need to tip cash at the bar in hotels or pubs, although you can offer to buy a barman a drink if you are impressed with the service. As far as tipping for meals goes, it all depends on the establishment and how you feel about the quality of the service provided. You would not be expected to tip for meals if you booked a fully catered property, although on leaving if you felt you had received exceptional service you may choose to give the proprietor a 10% tip to be shared discretely amongst his staff. Some restaurants include a 10% service charge so make sure you check your bill. Minimum wage rules apply in the UK, which means tips supplement income rather than help provide it.

Please note that holiday accommodation descriptions may be interpreted differently from country to country. Below you will find the generally recognised definitions for self catering holiday accommodation as understood by UK citizens. Please note these measurements are a guideline only and may vary slightly from holiday property to holiday property.

  • Single bedroom: one bed (3ft wide)
  • Double bedroom: one bed (4ft 6 inches wide)
  • Twin bedroom: two beds (3ft wide each)
  • King size bedroom: one bed (5ft wide)
  • Four Poster bedroom: one bed (4ft 6 inches wide) with canopy
  • Ensuite bathroom: private bathroom attached to the room via connecting door
  • Private bathroom: a separate room that may be adjacent to, or a short walk down a corridor not shared with any other guest
  • Shared bathroom:a separate room that may be adjacent to, or a short walk along a corridor that is shared by the occupants of two or more bedrooms

Further Information
If you wish to find out more about travelling to the UK, the British Home Foreign & Commonwealth Office website is always a good place to start:

If you require more specific information about the particular area you plan to visit, our staff can provide you with contact details of your nearest local Tourist Information office.