Forth Rail Bridge Yr12 (28) copyOn 5th July 2015 the Forth Rail Bridge was confirmed as the latest addition to the UNESCO World Heritage List, making it the sixth* Scottish landmark to be awarded this status (*the others being New Lanark, St Kilda, the Old and New Towns in Edinburgh, Neolithic Orkney and the Antonine Wall). Built in1890 it became the world’s longest multi-span cantilever bridge at 1.5 miles and after 125 years it has certainly stood the test of time. In doing so it has become an icon and symbol of Scotland with its presence and implication on Scotland’s ability to design and build.

Iconic Rail BridgeIn 2016, Scotland will celebrate the “Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design” and the Forth Rail Bridge will be one of the best examples of all three qualities. It used to be said of a never-ending repetitive chore, that it was like painting the Forth Rail Bridge, however in recent years the modern re-painting method has scuppered this phrase. The most recent coat of paint is expected to last between 25 to 40 years, so this iconic image of Scotland should be glistening magnificently for years to come.

Forth Rail Bridge Yr12 (3) copyVisitors can view the bridge from the underneath at South Queensferry, where there is a large car park and plenty of space to admire the structure. Whilst there you may wish to eat or have a drink at the Hawes Inn, where it is alleged that Robert Louis Stevenson wrote part of the book “Kidnapped”. Alternatively, by using the Fife rail line, you can cross the bridge as a passenger on one of the trains where the views are ever-changing and you get the best close-up of the bridge itself.

Forth Rail Bridge Yr12 (7) copy

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