Isn’t it funny how a word that you have not heard of before is suddenly constantly used all the time. For example, the word “staycation”, is the mixing of “stay-at-home” and “vacation” which was coined after the fuel increases hit the US in May 2008. This led to people cutting back on travel expenditure and staying at home instead and the word explaining this seems to have stuck.


This year in April the Met Office announced that it was going to be a “BBQ Summer” and that it would be warmer than normal. This news, alongside the current tightening of belts within most households has resulted in many more people holidaying at home. Enjoying a “staycation” in fact.


Whilst there has not been much sign of the Met Office’s prediction, the weather in Scotland has been the usual mix of sunshine and showers, and there is still time to book a last minute holiday in a Scottish Holiday House.

Situated in the Highlands, near Newtonmore, is a large self catering holiday house, sleeping 9 adults and 2 children; the ideal holiday house for families, superbly placed for outdoor activities with walking, fishing, golfing, biking, skiing and canoeing, all in the vicinity.  

A recent addition to the portfolio why not check out its price and availability and enjoy your own “staycation”?