If you are still looking for somewhere to book last mintue for Easter then I might just have the property for you.  Having recently returned from visiting this amazing self catering luxury castle apartment in Angus (sleeping either 4 or 10 guests in extreme comfort), I can GUARANTEE you will be swept off your feet in more ways than one. Let me give you a quick run down.

FirstThe Castle

Having switched off your SatNag because she’s driving you nuts with her ‘you have reached your destination’, you carefully turn up the driveway passing parkland on your right, horse paddocks on your left. At the final bend the castle frontage comes into view beautifully framed by overhanging branches of trees so large and beautiful I would not be surprised if someone told me they had survived the Jurassic period.  At that point the silence in the car is deafening as the occupants wrangle with the visual impact this spectacularly impressive, collosal castle renders on their senses.

This place gives Buckingham Palace a run for its money, and at least you get to park your car in its driveway AND walk through the front door without queuing for hours!

Second. The Hostess

Meet the nicest possible owner (I’m gushing a bit, but you get the gist) and her equally pleasant and very capable Housekeeper (an ex-hotelier by trade).  We spent two hours with them and in summary I’ve listed below a few words to describe the sort of service you will experience from these two wonderful individuals during your stay.

Hospitable, Courteous, Efficient, Helpful, Kind, Knowledgable, Discreet, Charming, Meticulous, Cheerful, Discerning and above all Professional.

ThirdThe Apartment.

Having been bowled over by the grandeur of the Castle itself and the hospitality you are likely to receive on arrival, you will be wowed again once in the apartment itself.  In fact, the word ‘apartment’ is a little misleading given its square footage is likely to be double that of an average two story detached house, plus room to spare.

Every room is classically appointed in true stately home style.  Furnished in keeping with the castle, every four poster bed, wardrobe, roll top bath, oil painting and persian rug whispers stories from the past.  You are walking into a slice of history at every turn.  As far as the overall picture goes, I am talking supremely comfortable, spacious guest accommodation permeating classic luxury without impersonalising it.

As mentioned, every single staff member who’s been to visit this property have come away with glowing references not just about the property but also on the generosity, hospitality & professionalism of their ‘meeters and greeters’.  It truly is a hidden gem,  within easy driving distance (Scotland style) of Aberdeen, Dundee, Perth & Edinburgh in addition to being close to several major tourist attractions like Glamis Castle & Gardens, Scone Palace, and the House of Dun to name but a few.

If I have convinced you that a stay here would be worth every penny, it might be worth noting there is a SPECIAL OFFER for the EASTER WEEK up for grabs.

It may also be worth noting that bookings can be accepted for groups of 4 at a reduced rate.