006 copyRosslyn Chapel is located south of Edinburgh and is a hidden gem.

In fact, its “hidden” nature would have remained just that, if it had not been for a certain Dan Brown who made his own visit and subsequently wrote it into his best-selling book “The Da Vinci Code”.

Since then it has enjoyed a much more celebrated status, with every nook and cranny being delved into. For a 15th century chapel, it has become a kind of pilgrimage to those interested in mysteries and contains many carvings relevant to biblical, masonic, pagan and Knights Templar marks.

019 copyThis family chapel was built for the St Clair family in 1446 and over the ensuing centuries enjoyed mixed fortune. In 1650, Oliver Cromwell used it to stable his horses as they besieged the nearby Roslin Castle.

However, it is most well known for its carvings, codes, legends and myths. The chapel is alleged to be a representation of Solomon’s Temple and holds encoded secrets to those who are willing to work them out. Some of the carvings within the chapel suggest that there was an early contact with the Americas 200 years before Columbus discovered America.

The carvings depict American Cactus and sweetcorn, things that would not have been known when the chapel was created. Legend has it that the St Clair family and other Knights Templar had already been to America and back.

The most original carving of all at Rosslyn is the extraordinary knotted Apprentice Pillar, symbolising the ‘Tree of Life’. According to legend, the pillar was made by a 14 year old apprentice who had a vision of the work and completed it during the absence of the master mason who was studying elsewhere.

On his return the master mason killed the apprentice in a fit of jealousy on seeing the finished work. The spirals which coil around the ‘Tree of Life’ form a double helix, reminiscent of DNA , the basis of life, but DNA was not be discovered for another 500 years.

In the centre of the chapel is a meeting of ley lines and those who stand there are said to feel the energy from below, and these ley lines are meant to line up with Glastonbury and are connected to the pyramids in Egypt. To be honest – there is so much going in at the chapel, it is a must see visitor attraction.

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