134Stairs2yr15Sam Heughan, the 33 year old Scottish actor, who is cast as Jamie Fraser in the forthcoming TV series of Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” has said he has been amazed at how good Scotland looks from the footage produced from the filming on the show, which is being made for the Starz cable network in the US. “We’ve already been all over Scotland doing location work, including at Doune Castle. Honestly, I think people will think we have used CGI it looks so incredible, especially with the landscape”.
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The commissioning of the 16-part series is expected to generate at least £20 million for the Scottish economy, with the show already billed as Scotland’s answer to “Game of Thrones”. More than 25 million of Diana Gabaldon’s books have been sold around the world so far and the TV series is expected to be a major success when it comes out later in 2014.

The film production has been based in Cumbernauld with locations including Doune Castle, near Stirling, which was closed for a month to accommodate filming. The show follows the adventures of married nurse Claire and her entanglements with Jamie after she is mysteriously propelled through time from the Second World War to the time of the Jacobite rebellion.

Whilst fans of “Outlander” will hopefully enjoy the TV series as much as the book, it will also showcase Scotland and its castles and scenery. For those wishing to visit Doune Castle where some of the filming has taken place, then why not check out the selection of large holiday houses and castles in Scotland today at Scotts Castle Holidays.

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