The start of the school year ruffles everyone’s feathers, one way or another. Those with school age children are madly adding name labels and holding back tears (some, admittedly, are jumping for joy!). While everyone else is cheered by the hope of an Indian summer, more choice and lower prices for an imminent holiday. Neither would be without our list of school holidays Scotland for the 2019/20 academic year!

School holidays Scotland – dates for your diary

With the new academic in year in full swing we bring you the dates you need to plan your holidays for the rest of this year and looking ahead to 2020.

Caveat: there are local variations between the regions of Scotland and even locally between towns and beyond. Please check the local council dates for the area you’re visiting.

Autumn term 2019 – Scotland

Most school start back week commencing 12 August with many cramming in some INSET days (or in-service days) to ease the teachers in before the pupils land on Thursday 15 August.

September weekend 2019

Some bright spark thought it wise to break up the long autumn term with a long September weekend. This year, pack your bags and getaway on the evening of Thursday 26 September and take up to four nights away. Kids don’t have to be back until Tuesday 1 October.

If you’re lucky, you’ll find another long weekend in your diary come mid November. Well, you will if you’re a pupil, but it’s an in-service day for teachers. Either way it’s another nice tool for breaking up this long autumn term.

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October half term in Scotland

Of all the school holidays in Scotland, this has to be the best timed – in our opinion. October half term in Scotland falls in the middle of the month before the clocks change at the end of the month. So Scottish school children are ensured of time off in the last of the long (ish) days of summer.

Christmas school holidays Scotland

And finally, Christmas is just around the corner. Nativities complete, Christmas jumper day done for another year, sprouts on order and with probably a bit of sellotape stuck in your hair, here come the Christmas holidays.

Schools close on Friday 20 December for two whole weeks. Book bags at the ready for a new year return on Monday 6 January.

February half term 2020 in Scotland

Romance is in the air – and probably some snow too up in the Highlands. Maybe the high road is closed and you can’t get to school anyway, but just so you’ve got the date in your diary, February half term in Scotland falls over the first full weekend in the month.

Depending on where you are, the length of February half term varies. In Lanarkshire the break is a brief one and more of a long weekend than anything else. In Edinburgh it’s a whole week.

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Easter school holidays Scotland in 2020

Two weeks of freedom loom as Easter beckons and schools shut up shop for their spring break. Clocking off on Friday 3 April you don’t have walk through the school gates again until Monday 20 April.

May Day in Scotland

The Scots are good at long weekends. Another wends its way towards you come May in the form of May Day. In Scotland this holiday falls on Friday 8 May 2020. And if you’re lucky, your school could add an in-service on the Thursday to tease you with another 4-day break.

Summer holidays Scotland 2020

The sun is out, let’s bask in it before the midgies wake up. School’s out for summer on Wednesday 24 June. So book your Scottish holiday home before then!