Hosting your very own group party in a holiday home over New Year doesn’t need to be an expensive occasion. In fact we’ve thought of 3 reasons why it could save you money. Plus you get full control over the choice of venue, guests, decor and food!

Dining Room

1. Get everyone to chip in

Much more cost effective than trying to a book a restaurant for a New Year meal or ordering in masses of takeaway food for a large group. As the host you’re in control of setting the budget and deciding what to cook.  Would you be happy with a relaxed buffet of party food and canapés or do you like to dress up and sit down to a four course meal Downtown style? However you choose to cater for the group, make sure the group chips in.  Ask each couple to take responsibility for one dish and you’ll be sorted.

Party Food

2. Built in babysitting

No panic over finding someone suitable (or sensible) to babysit the kids on the one night of the year most babysitters like to party.  Collective savings on babysitting could be put towards the cost of renting a large holiday home. By our calculations that’s about £50 per couple that could contribute to the rent.  With little ones safely in bed, mum’s & dad’s can carry on to the wee hours!


3. No late night taxi’s

All staying under the one roof will make for a more relaxed evening.  No worrying about trying to book, wait and pay for a taxi home.  Again, you’d be surprised if you totted up the collective cost of cab fares on New Years Eve.  Why not put it towards the cost of renting a large enough private property for a group holiday instead. That way the party doesn’t need to stop!



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