The first episode has finally aired on American television while we in Scotland are waiting with baited breath for our chance to see it.


In order to feel that we are part of the excitement, here at Scotts Castles, we have undertaken a little stealthy investigation and can bring you details of the Scottish filming locations for the show.

Kinloch Rannoch filming location from Outlander

Kinloch Rannoch provides the famous backdrop to Claire’s mysterious disappearance through the standing stones

Cambell's Coffee Shop, Falkland

Before filming started there was a pharmacy in this shop front , but when the crews left and filming stopped it was turned into a real coffee shop.

Covenanter Hotel Outlander

The Covenanter Hotel was given a complete facelift and renamed Mrs. Baird’s B&B for the duration of filming. It is a great place in Falkland for a spot of lunch.

Most of the action in the book takes place in the highlands but most of the locations for the show are in Central Scotland.

The town of Falkland, just north of Edinburgh stands in for Inverness and is the location of Cambell’s Coffee Shop and Mrs Baird’s B&B in the Outlander series.

Rannoch Moor, surrounded by the breathtaking Munros, Scotland’s highest mountains, is close to Kinloch Rannoch and provides the perfect backdrop for Highland adventures, with lochs, streams and rivers dotted about the landscape.

Munros Scotland Outlander filming location

Culross on the banks of the River Forth is the location for the fictional village of Cranesmuir.  Entering the town is like walking straight into the past.

The National Trust for Scotland have worked hard to preserve its historically significant 16th Century town centre and it is here that you will find Claire’s herb garden and many of the buildings that feature in the show.

Culross Palace, Outlander film location

Claire’s herb garden is behind Culross Palace, it is managed by National Trust For Scotland and is open to the public.

Culross, Outlander Location

The Town of Culross which is famous for its historic buildings stands in for Cranesmuir.

Films often take geographical licence with their locations and Outlander is no exception.  The herb garden that Claire works in is in the grounds of the fictional Castle Leoch, which is actually Doune Castle about 23 miles north and west of Culross but you will not find Claire’s garden there.

Broch Tuarach, otherwise known as Lallybroch, Jamie Fraser’s family home, is another fictional location but very typical of many of the tower houses in Scotland.  The property that was used for the external shots is Midhope Castle on the outskirts of Edinburgh.  The castle is derelict but it is possible to walk the grounds so add it to your must-see list before your visit to Scotland.

Doune Castle, Outlander location

Doune Castle near Stirling is the location for the fictional Castle Leoch, strongold of the Clan MacKenzie, but you won’t find Claire’s herb garden here.

Lallybroch, Outlander location

Possibly the most romantic location in Outlander is Jamie’s childhood home Lallybroch. The exterior scenes were all filmed here at derelict Midhope Castle.

Has Outlander awakened a desire in you to see Scotland for yourself?  Would you like to spend a week, or two, in your own Lallybroch hot on the trail of Jamie and Clare?

We have just the property for you. Locally known as Cock-a-bendy Tower (translates as crooked tower, similarly Lallybroch translates as lazy tower) and situated within half an hour of all the locations above, it was built in 1449 and was a genuine Jacobite stronghold.  During the rebellion as the Bonnie Prince lay ill at Bannockburn, his Royal Guards were billeted here in the Tower.

The Tower on the Plane was a ruin until 1991 when the Wright family acquired it and rebuilt it as a family home and self catering Castle Holiday let.  If you examine the fireplace in the Great Hall you can trace its history in the names carved into it over the centuries.  The tower has been restored and furnished with great flair and just a little artistic licence.

The tower on The Plane

The tower was a ruin and was completely re-built by the current owner in the 1990’s.

Castle holiday Scotland

You can see the history of the house literally carved into its walls.

If you decide to visit Scotland we hope you will think of us at Scotts Castles.  We are the specialists in Castles and large holiday houses in Scotland and can advise you on the best places to stay to follow the Outlander trail.

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