Now that those 6 sumptuous episodes of Hilary Mantel’s “Wolf Hall” have been aired by the BBC and we are all left in awe of the fabulous acting, costumes and film sets, why not organise a “Wolf Hall” themed weekend!

Wolf Hall paperback

“Wolf Hall” was set in England in the 15th century, with King Henry VIII and his various political and religious advisors, seemingly at odds with each other. At the same time, a similar situation was being played out in Scotland. James IV of Scotland had married Margaret, the sister of Henry, but relations between the two countries did not develop and it was a time of great concern for Henry, with Thomas Cromwell making it public that he believed that Scotland should first be subdued and then united to England. As it was, years of trouble lay ahead.058GreatHall5yr08 copy

This Restored Fortified Castle is perfect for any re-enactment of Medieval times, with its impressive stone walls, Great Hall and vaulted rooms. 15th century, 16th century, 17th century or 18th century events can all be catered for here. You can also bring your own minstrels with you as there is a minstrel’s gallery above the Great Hall. The castle sleeps up to 13 people and is available on a self-catering basis to rent for weekends or for a week. Located near St Andrews, it is handily placed an hour away from Edinburgh, making it perfect to gather your group for your event.

058Familywall1yr08 copyCropHistory has been in the making for the last 1000 years at this site. David Learmonth, was a former resident of the castle, who on behalf of James V, made two trips to the court of Henry VIII in 1541 and 1543 to negotiate the marriage of James’ daughter Mary to Edward, Prince of Wales, to no success. From 1616 to 1639, the castle was owned by Archbishop Spottiswoode, who led a full and active religious and political life. Many portraits and images of him can be seen within the castle, including being at the centre of an interesting frieze in the main bedroom. His son came to an ignominious end though, being executed for treason by guillotine in St. Andrews in January 1646. Things had not changed much in 100 years, as Thomas Cromwell’s fate was beheading in 1540. So life was tough then and not as we know it today.

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