Fenton Tower, a 16th century tower house, has now made itself available to accept self-catering bookings throughout the year for the first time. This amazing castle is the height of luxury and is a 5 star Visit Scotland graded “exclusive use” venue and should prove to be very popular for those who want to stay in a luxury style castle. Being only 24 miles from Edinburgh should also make it a very attractive proposition, making travelling by air or train a short easy option.
Whilst the castle looks great from the outside, it is even better on the inside. The vaulted dining room has all the character and atmosphere you would expect from a dining hall that goes back to 1587, and the long table decked out in candles will be a treat, even if it is not a Medieval banquet on offer. The Great Hall is a wonderful large sitting room with huge open fire and ideal for entertaining. As for the bedrooms, they are all a range of luxurious rooms, some with four poster beds and all unique in style. However, it could be argued that the bathrooms are even better. How often do you come across a large copper bath. Even better when you are stylishly attired in the big fluffy dressing gown with the Fenton Tower logo, provided as part of the booking. Anyone staying here, to use the clichés, will live like a lord and be the king or queen of the castle, in style and luxury.

This is all great for the adults who can also find out more for about the history. But what about for the children, what is the story? Well, to children Fenton Tower will be better known as the pink castle, Archie the inventor’s house from the BBC show Balamory. So it should be perfect for both adults and children on so many levels, either for weekly or weekend rentals. Contact Scotts Castle Holidays today to find out more about staying in a castle in Scotland.