Whether you are gathering a group of old friends for a reunion, assembling the family for a holiday, or taking a choice selection of your nearest and dearest for a celebration, finding a large property to suit your needs is paramount to the success of your holiday.

Big Houses for Big Occasions

For groups of 10 guests or more, you will know that a substantial property is required to accommodate everyone comfortably, preferably something grand, but affordable! Whether your aim is to rent a large property for the weekend, a week or maybe longer, finding a self catering home from home for a large group that ticks all your boxes can seem a little daunting. Fear not! Scotts Castle Holidays offers an eclectic range of large rentals to suit your criteria. From basic but comfortable to luxury accommodation, from stylish and elegant mansions to rugged and magnificent self catering castles, we can find a big holiday house that will give you everything you need for your stay.

A five star venue overlooking Loch Tay

A five star venue overlooking Loch Tay

Separate Accommodation

Big Holiday homes tend to be categorised as properties that provide accommodation for at least 10 guests, and the Scotts portfolio offers holiday properties that could sleep up to 30 guests under one roof. We also offer a number of properties where separate estate cottage or lodges can also be hired for additional guests, should you be looking to accommodate more than the capacity of the main property.

Planning Your Group Accommodation

We offer an impressive range of large houses and castles for exclusive self catering hire. Planning is important to help identify the right one for your family and friends. Have a chat with your group to gather ideas so you have a ‘must have’ list and a ‘nice to have’ list. The ‘must have’ list will include the number in the party, the total bedrooms you will need your rental to have to comfortably accommodate your group, the dates of your intended trip and the location that you would like to stay must be established by your party, if location is important. In addition a budget for your intended booking should be planned. You may require the property to provide accommodation and comfortable amenities first and foremost, at a reasonable rate, or if you are booking a once in a life time sojourn, you may be looking to splash out on something more grand and luxurious! What ever your ideas, we will do our best to find you a holiday rental that will keep your whole group happy!

This interior is a stunning example of luxury

This interior is a stunning example of luxury

Accommodation Format

Larger houses should be able to offer equipment and amenities to suit their size, but it would be worth checking things like the bathroom to bedroom ratio and the number of twin, bunk or double beds to be sure your group can be well accommodated. Big properties can also tend to be spread across a number of floors, and may involve multiple stair cases which may be worth considering if you have elderly guests, or lots of tots!

Most big properties will have a number of reception rooms, ideal for larger groups or groups with children to spread out. Games rooms are usually found too in this type of rental property, offering all sorts of equipment to keep your group entertained during your stay. Pool tables, Billiards and snooker rooms are quite often found in the large castles and mansion style holiday houses too. Most big houses will have significant dining rooms so your group can sit down together and enjoy a meal.

Lots of enormous fun can be had around the pool table and by the bar

Lots of enormous fun can be had around the pool table and by the bar

Pools, Hot Tubs, Tennis Courts Anyone?

For some added luxury, we have large holiday homes with swimming pools or hot tubs for guests to enjoy, or if you are looking for some onsite activities, a number of our large houses offer tennis courts and large gardens and grounds, just let us know if you would like this factored into your search!

Kids and adults alike will have hours of fun in the swimming pool

Kids and adults alike will have hours of fun in the swimming pool

You may have something specific in mind; for the traditional ‘wow’ factor property, we have a number of large holiday rentals that can offer that something special for your stay. Whether you’re looking for a sprawling country house or windswept castle, we have a range of unique holiday houses that can offer a certain je ne sais quoi! We can offer large holiday homes with fantastic views, four poster beds, open fires, turnpike stairs and grand pianos. If you want history, we’ve got vaulted ceilings and ghost stories. Despite the fact that these properties are brimming with traditional antiquities and features, most of our holiday homes are able to offer central heating, many have wifi and some have Sky TV to keep you in touch with the real world should you wish!

Treat the family to a stay in this amazing castle

Treat the family to a stay in this amazing castle

Let’s Celebrate!

If you intend to host a party or a celebration at the house, it is always worth letting us know, we will be able to discuss any particular arrangements that may arise with the owner. Some of our properties are rented for the purpose of family holidays, and some are very well suited to hosting parties and functions, and we will be able to make sure you find the rental house that best suits your needs. Some of our large holiday houses benefit from having spacious dining rooms, ideal for hosting a banquet, some have Great Halls, perfect for a ceilidh, and some have beautiful manicured gardens, just the thing for a garden party. Most owners will be able to assist as much as they can with helping you get the best of the house for your event. Although exclusive use homes are rented on a self-catering basis, the owners may be able assist you with arranging catering services for your party, or additional housekeeping, recommending local providers or local activities for your guests entertainment!

Dine in style in this, and many other stunning banquet style dining rooms

Dine in style in this, and many other stunning banquet style dining rooms

Bring Your Pet

If you think that a Scottish holiday without the attendance of your furry, four legged friend just wouldn’t feel right, Scotts can also factor pet friendly holiday houses into the search, and will be able to highlight large properties that will be happy to accommodate dogs, so nobody needs to be left behind!

Two dogs sitting on the front step of a house

Many larger properties are pet friendly – our pets are part of the family!

Anyone for Shooting? Fishing Maybe?

The wild and untamed Scottish Highlands draw a large number of visitors every year, and Scotland offers much by the way of sport for guests to enjoy whilst stay here. If you have gathered a large group and are looking for a day’s entertainment, then consider your location, the season, and the type of thing your guests may enjoy! Seasonally, shooting is available at a large number of places, sometimes it could even be found on the estate of the holiday house you are renting. We offer a selection of shooting and fishing lodges for the enthusiast, but they are not exclusively for these pursuits by any means. They are beautiful properties in spectacular locations, so perfect just for a holiday.

Two men fly fishing, one with a net, the other with a rod

Fishing is found on most rivers

Fishing is found (usually by licence) on most rivers, and ghillies and gamekeepers may be available to assist you with arranging these sports. The advantage of choosing a large mansion house for your holiday is that these services may be available to arrange via the owner. This is worth looking into before you book. We are here to help you find the right accommodation for your party and plans.

Things to do – active pursuits

If you would like to venture alone with your group into the hills, hiking, horse riding and mountain biking is always available, for all year rounders or fair weather visitors and many of our large holiday homes are within easy reach of the Scottish wilderness. If you are looking to rent during the winter months in the mountain regions, skiing can be found on a number of resorts, and nearly every town in Scotland can offer a golf course, including a large number of championship courses. If golf is your game, consider which courses you may like to visit when choosing the location of your large holiday house. With over 550 courses in Scotland, you will have plenty of choice!

Stunning luxury house right set behind a golf green

With over 550 courses in Scotland, you will have plenty of choice!

Things to do – not so active pursuits

If sport is not quite your thing, Scotland offers a number of attractions suitable for groups that involve less physical activity! Book your special occasion near the Whisky Trail, take in a tour and a dram or two at the nearest distillery! Scotland has over 50 distilleries open for visitors, so you can be sure there will be one not too far from wherever you choose to stay. There are also a large number of grand houses and castles, either privately owned or owned by organisations such as the National Trust for Scotland that are open to the public and will offer visitors an interesting insight into Scottish history and heritage.

Dalwhinnie whisky with cheese and biscuits by the fire

Scotland has over 50 distilleries open for visitors

Check out all our large holiday homes in Scotland; planning your next holiday will be hard to resist!