Never is there a better time to get together and play silly games with the family than at Christmas. If you have teenagers, this is probably the only time you’d get their cooperation! We have thought up a few ideas of games you can play, some requiring a bit of pre-planning, but others just needing a few pencils and some paper.

  1. Charades – an old classic parlour game where players act out silent clues.
  2. Two Truths And A Lie – Players take it in turns to tell two truths and a lie and others have to question them to establish which is the lie.
  3. Hide and Seek / Sardines – another classic. Probably not always suited to the older generation, but some adults could happily get involved!Hide and Seek
  4. Pictionary –Variations can include the drawer being blind folded, or the game being played in pairs, with one person holding the pencil, and the other person ‘drawing’ by guiding the first person’s hand.
  5. Celebrity Name Game –Take with you a sheet of sticky labels. Everyone writes down the name of a famous person on a label, and sticks it to the forehead of someone else. Players then take it in turns to work out who they are by asking the group yes or no questions about themselves.
  6. Yes or No? – Players pair up and ask each other questions. The aim of the game is to get the other player to say yes or no, Players must answer to the affirmative or negative but without using yes or no!Making notes
  7. Hunt The Thimble – a good game to set the children up with. No need for an actual thimble, you could use another prop. The item has to be visible without moving anything in the room. The game can be intersected with ‘hot, hotter, COLD!’ to make it easier if you want. Easy peasy game and is again well suited to big houses with big rooms.
  8. Guess The Tune – one person hums or whistles a song and everyone has to try and guess the song. This can be an easy game for children, or harder for the grownups.
  9. Name Games – there are a number of variations; in the Alphabet Game players choose a topic and take it in turns to name an item, only each answer has to begin with the next letter of the alphabet, eg – things you find in the kitchen – apple, bottle, cupboard, drink etc. In the Animal Name Game players take it in turns to name an animal that starts with the last letter of the previous animal named. Memory Game requires players to recite an ever growing list eg Player one: I went to the shops and bought an apple. Player two: I went to the shops and bought an apple, and a carrot. Each player has to recite the list so far, and then add an item themselves.

Playing cards

(It might also be fun to have some board games tucked away; a pack of cards wouldn’t go amiss either!)

If you have any family Christmas traditions, don’t forget to take them with you. Especially when it comes to children. Traditions are an important part of the experience and can help them feel ‘at home’ in a different venue. You could investigate any local events that are happening in your nearest village or town. It will be really magical if you could take them out to see a local light display, or a Santa’s Grotto in the days leading up to Christmas.

Christmas Street

It wouldn’t hurt to double check before your holiday what sort of TV and/or music system is in place so that you can take your own devices with you, loaded up with your choice of music. Christmas songs are a must at this time of year, and you might want to take a few Christmassy DVDs to watch on Christmas Eve with the family. Book your large holiday home for Christmas today and look forward to hours of fun with your favourite people.

Happy Holidays!!

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