In the summer we had a client who booked one of our large self catering castles in Scotland and invited family and friends up to celebrate his son’s 21st birthday.  Great birthday present Dad!  Anyway, there was much talk over how the group could be entertained during this auspicious self catering holiday in Perthshire. Of course there would be the birthday dinner in the evening – but what about during the day itself.

Games room image

Always keen to provide solutions, our wonderfully gregarious Naomi (who loves sending people on holiday), mentioned the idea of holding a ‘family fun day’.  One thing led to another, and before long a ‘mini highland games’ was added to the holiday itinerary; designed for all ages, even the little ones.  Needless to say, the feedback was great.  Everyone had a fantastic time – thought the challenges they were set, hilarious – and swore they would definitely come back for a second round!

So if you fancy a bit of ‘caber tossing, haggis hurling or bagpipe playing’ when you book one of our self catering castles or houses – give us a buzz for some inspiration 01208 821 341.