I don’t know about you but my 50th is looming and I’ve given this auspicious event a good deal of consideration by reflecting on past milestones.

Lunch party

When you’re in your teenage years, turning 20 is a pivotal event.  At that age it represents everything you strived to become from childhood; a ‘grown up’.  You have your whole life ahead of you. You’re full of dreams and wrinkle free.  You’re invincible and so are your friends.  This birthday lasts the entire weekend. Noisy pubs, cheap wine and toga parties spring to mind.

By 30, you’re moving up the career path, possibly married, had children or at least considered them.  You’ve taken the more obvious piercings out, toned down your hair colour and find yourself contemplating an afternoon in M&S to replenish the wardrobe.  You’re still young enough to bounce back after an all nighter – just.  Cocktail bars, restaurants and fancy dress parties spring to mind.

Cocktail parties


At 40 you’re feeling the shackles (and joys) of parenthood and mortgage responsibilities.  You ignore the crows feet that fan your eyes, you’re juggling plates you can’t even remember beginning to spin and you look back at your former 20 year old self in scorn. ‘Tired? I’ll give you feeling tired’ is what you want to say to your past happy, carefree self.  You pretend you can cope with an all nighter, but you really can’t. Drinks parties, dinner parties and Gastro pubs spring to mind.

Now 50 is about as big in the birthday calendar as the World Cup is to rugby.   You know you’re not invincible, nor are your friends.  You’re all going grey.  You’re not going to retch in the gutter by the end of the evening or fall hysterically into a taxi home with friends at this age.  This birthday, damn it, is going to be a well organised, well considered event. Fun, but not foolish.  One to mark your battle scars and celebrate your victories.  Marquee parties, holidays and big houses spring to mind.

I don’t know about you, but this is where I’m likely to be going for my 50th in … well that would be telling! Get inspired by checking out our 10 Amazing places to stay for your 50th Birthday!

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