Planning a successful party is all about organisation. First of all you’ll need a venue for your house party and we’ve got plenty of party houses to stimulate your thinking.

Thinking of renting a party house for your favourite crowd?

Once you have reached a decision on dates, organised your group and booked your party house, spare a thought for what you will want to do when you get there. Whilst some of your group may wish to sit back and relax in deep comfort and splendour, others may wish to occupy themselves more actively.

  • Make sure you arrive at the property before your guests so you can get a feel for the home you have invited them to
  • Scotts will provide you with a floorplan of the property so that you can organise who will sleep where prior to the event
  • Plan and let your guests know in advance who will be expected to help with things like cooking, cleaning, shopping etc.
Group of friends outdoor dining having fun
Planning a house party with your favourite people?
  • Arrange for some provisions to be delivered on the day of your arrival so you don’t have to bring supplies with you, or rely on another member of group to remember to do so
  • Ask your guests what they envisage doing during their stay, so that you can pre-organise activities if necessary.
  • If you wish to eat out during your stay, ask the owner (or Scotts) if they can recommend somewhere local and then be sure to book well in advance
  • Research the area a little prior to arrival, if you have chosen to stay in a particularly rural location double check the opening and closing times of your nearest amenities
  • Phone the local tourist board or visit their website to check opening and closing times and costs of attractions in the local area
  • Gain an understanding of the terrain, so that you can give your guests an indication of the sorts of items they will need to bring with them
  • Allow for wet weather, even in the summer months, and have some contingency plans up your sleeve just in case!
  • Make sure you delegate jobs evenly so that you are not left running around attending to everyone else’s needs other than your own on your holiday

Hiring a butler, housekeeper or cook can be a welcome break for those who would also like to feel they are on ‘holiday’ from those boring but important chores! 

Some clients like to ‘up-grade’ their self catered properties and either personally arrange or ask us to find additional staff to offer them a helping hand for the duration or part of their stay.

If you’re looking for accommodation for your big group, Scotts Castle holidays have some of the best large holiday homes for your big occasion. Speak with us about the best home for your special holiday.