Take the holiday personality quiz to discover which Mr Men character you are most like on holiday – this information could make your next group holiday a whole lot easier….

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Take the quiz above then scroll down to find out what this means for future breaks and what your friends and family need to know to make your next group holiday less stressful and more fun for everyone….

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Mostly As

Perfect hand signalYou’re Mr Perfect.

If someone forgets something on holiday, you have a spare. You’re a mine of useful information on attractions and events taking place nearby and your itinerary for the holiday is more detailed than a wedding planner’s diary on the big day.

You need to remember that not everyone is as organised as you and sometimes this can cause tensions in the group.

Try to relax a little and enjoy your time away – you’ve worked hard for this break so make it count.

The good: Excellent organisational skills
The bad: Can be seen as bossy

Mostly Bs

woman talking on phoneYou’re Mr Chatterbox.

Family and friends mean everything to you and you are fiercely loyal and protective of those dear to you.

You like to involve everyone in planning the best holiday ever and want to spend as much time with everyone as possible.

You are always the first to reach for the camera when on excursions to capture group photos that you can look back on when back home.

The good: A people person
The bad: Can be seen as clingy

Mostly Cs

Person holding smart phone on holidayYou’re Mr Daydream.

You are an adventurer who loves exploring new places and experiencing new things when on holiday.

You’re not a big planner but once you’re on holiday you’re not one to just sit by the pool.

You’d rather be reading TripAdvisor reviews and chatting with friends online about where to go before setting off on another adventure, which you’ll share straight to social media.

The good: Loves to try new things
The bad: Can miss out on real life while online

Mostly Ds

Cool gnome in the gardenYou’re Mr Cool.

It’s a wonder you ever actually make it to your holiday destination without getting lost or distracted by something more interesting on the way.You’re so relaxed you’re almost horizontal.

But you are the life and soul of the party and, as long as someone else is in charge of boring stuff like transport, food and packing, then you’re a happy bunny.

The good: You are a calming influence
The bad: Can be seen as lazy

Don’t forget to share this personality quiz with the rest of your holiday party so you all know each others’ types. It could save a whole lot of arguing!

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Image of Mr Men book via Duncan Hull on Flickr, shared via Creative Commons Licence.