Due to circumstances beyond your control, your holiday must be cancelled .. …  Oh boy! This is always a tricky one for agencies to have to deal with especially when we find out that the person who booked their holiday property through us thought they would ‘wing it’ in terms of not taking out appropriate cover.

On a personal note who can blame them.  After all, we’re all guilty of running the gauntlet from time to time, gambling against the odds that something won’t happen.   It is an unfortunate fact every year that a few people have to cancel their holiday plans unexpectedly.  If foregoing their much anticipated holiday wasn’t enough, not taking out adequate holiday cover only adds to their woes. What would happen if you fell ill, had an accident or were othereise prevented from staying in your holiday accommodation?

We cannot stress enough the importance of having appropriate holiday insurance.  None of us like paying it, and few of us feel we need it. However, we’ve been doing this long enough to understand that ‘hindsight explains the injury that foresight would have prevented’.