Cosy Christmas Fireplace

It may seem a strange idea to leave your home over the festive period, but in case you needed persuading we’ve put together our top three reasons to book a holiday home for Christmas. As well as using up that last bit of annual leave you’ve been hanging on to, this is also a fab opportunity to book a nice central base and have a big reunion with all the family you don’t see enough of the rest of the year!

Break the tradition and leave the house this Christmas! You never know… everyone may love it so much it might just turn into an annual tradition.


Give yourself a year off…

No manic spring cleaning of the house from top to bottom the day before, just roll up at your holiday destination to be welcomed with a sparkly clean home and Christmas tree ready for your decorations. Also there will be no last minute dash to your nearest supermarket because you’ve realised you don’t actually have enough plates or that you really could do with an extra roasting tin!

A holiday home with an elegant and spacious dining room with comfortable seating for all, will make for a much more relaxing and memorable Christmas. It sure beats having everyone balanced on different chairs at varying heights squished around the table and bashing elbows

Christmas tree scene

It will be more sociable!

Children inevitably end up disappearing upstairs to their bedrooms clutching their gifts and it’s likely you won’t see them for the rest of the day while they play their new DVD/CD/console.  With a choice of games rooms, a cinema room or even your own indoor swimming pool we’re pretty sure if you book a holiday home with one of these fabulous features, this will be the most sociable you’ve ever seen them.

It will be a great opportunity for some laughs and family bonding.  Also when the younger ones are tired out it means Mum & Dad can put them to bed and come back downstairs to enjoy the rest of the evening rather than going home early!

For the grown-ups what could be nicer than relaxing in a grand drawing room with an open fire, and helping yourself to a tipple from the bar you’ve stocked with all your favourites.

Festive holiday home

Share the cooking

With all your family together it’s much easier to share the kitchen responsibilities so one person doesn’t feel they have to host. Get everyone involved with preparing the feast, even the kids. Maybe have a rota system or just agree to contribute one dish or course per family?

For a real Christmas treat why not book your very own private cook which will take out the stress of cooking and give you all a well-deserved break to enjoy the holiday and spend time with your guests. With booking a caterer you can tailor your menu to exactly what you would like provided and at what cost.  Often a cook can purchase the food you would be buying anyway, at a wholesale cost, so it’s certainly worth looking into and you might be pleasantly surprised by the cost!

With your very own castle or manor you may even feel like donning your best frock or suit for a ‘Downton Abbey’ themed meal or medieval style banquet.  If you think you’d like to give hosting Christmas in your own home a miss this year, why not browse our collection of large self-catering holiday houses and castles available over the festive period.

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