Another year bites the dust and we all return to work resolving to make wholesome changes to our mental, spiritual and physical selves.  Well, that would almost be true if we did ALL return to work, however, the sad fact is that three quarters of our team are laid up in bed with the dreaded lurgey.

Once Vicky and I heard this news, all aspirations of ‘cleansing drinks only’ during tea breaks, and ‘if the tummy growls go for the fruit bowl’ (not the biscuit tin) have been dashed at the first hurdle.  So much for New Year’s resolutions.

I do have two main New Year’s resolutions this year though.  The first I’m not going to divulge – because it has ‘shame on you’ written all over it.  Alright twist my arm, I’ll tell you – it’s giving up smoking (other people’s) cigarettes.  Yes, I confess, I’m one of those rotten OP’s that you run a mile from at a party as they come shimmying up to you with a cloying smile all over their face and start with the words ‘would you mind?’.

My second resolution is to try (being the operative word) to achieve ‘work/life’ balance this year.  Going on holiday for a start.  It seems mad that here I am in the business of sending people on their dream holiday to luxurious fairytale castles, or big country houses with indoor swimming pools, or fantastically located lodges perched on stunning lochs – and I don’t allow myself the time to enjoy any of this myself.

Reading clients feedback (and that’s one of my many jobs) my eyes swim with envy as they often comment on what a ‘fantastic time they had’ and ‘how good it was to get all the family together’ and how ‘amazingly relaxed they felt’.  Relaxed – I barely know the meaning of the word!

I’m sure I’m not the only one with an out of kilter work/life balance.  If you are one of them – then resolve like me to be proactive this year.  Get out your diary RIGHT NOW, choose some work/life balance dates (give them a punchy title if you can) and choose something to do, choose somewhere to go – but book it now before another year bites the dust.

If you’re short on ideas – why not rent a castle!

Happy New Year!