Medieval large holiday house ScotlandHalloween is always a great occasion for families across the land. Where the children (and adults) enter in the spirit by dressing up, get their pumpkins carved out, enjoy sparklers and either have a party or go out guising. Trick or Treat – may be the phrase, but the origins of this are becoming lost in the mist of time. Whilst this tradition has pagan origins, which has been developed into a Christian tradition, it is a festival for remembering your dead. Nowadays it is more about dressing up and looking scary.

IMG_1207 copyIf you want to be scared – what about scary ghosts and haunted castles. A few years back a major multinational drinks company offered as a prize, a chance to spend the night in a haunted house in Scotland. Scotts Castle Holidays provided the venue to the lucky prize-winners and promptly scared them witless. So much so that one of them refused to spend the night in the haunted bedroom as they were terrified, stayed up all night in the sitting room, and got the first available taxi in the morning!

055Ext15yr11 copyThere are many haunted houses and castles in Scotland and the tales are legendary. Glamis Castle has many, including a servant girl with no tongue who haunts the grounds and Earl Beardie who still plays dice with the devil – with the rattle of dice and raised voices still heard today. Fyvie Castle has the green lady who has appeared throughout the castle over the last 250 years. Scotts Castle Holidays offers a great selection of large houses and castles in Scotland to choose from for self-catering holidays – which may or may not be haunted. Why not check out the selection of large holiday houses and castles in Scotland today at Scotts Castle Holidays.