Hosting your very own group party over New Year doesn’t need to be an expensive occasion. In fact we’ve thought of 3 reasons why it will save you money… plus you get to choose everything down to the venue, decorations and food!

1. Get everyone to chip in to the cost of the rent and food

Much more cost effective than trying to a book a restaurant for a New Year meal or ordering in masses of takeaway food for a large group. As the host you’re in control of setting the budget and deciding what feast to cook. Do you fancy a relaxed buffet of party food, canapés or maybe even a sit down three course meal Downtown style? Ask each couple to bring along one dish and you’re sorted.

Group enjoying a delicious meal

2. Built in babysitting!

No panic over finding someone suitable (or sensible) to babysit the kids on the one night of the year most babysitters like to party. Savings on babysitting can be put towards the cost of renting the house, and when the younger ones eyelids start to droop then it’s straight upstairs to bed so Mum & Dad can party on til midnight.

3. No pulling the short straws over who will drive home

All staying under the one roof will make for a more relaxed evening. No worrying about trying to book (and pay for) a taxi. It’ll keep everyone safe from making foolish and potentially life changing mistakes driving home after the party.

New Year party celebration with Champagne

Book your New Year holiday now before it’s too late!

New Year is one of the most popularly requested periods in the UK’s annual holiday calendar. Given the relatively limited number of large holiday homes available over this period compared to cottages, if you’re looking to accommodate a large number of people in a self-catered holiday property we recommend you don’t leave it too late to book. The larger the group size the smaller the pool of properties from which to choose.

For advice on what’s available and where to go, call our office on 01208 821 341 or send us an email and we’d be happy to put together a list of suggestions tailored to your particular needs or you can browse all our group accommodation available for New Year.