The economic uncertainty has not hampered the desire to get married in Scotland or in choosing an idyllic castle venue. The castles and larger venues have seen a steady procession of weddings and the enquiries have continued at the usual pace. What has changed is where the money is being spent.


The average wedding in Scotland in 2009 costs £17,000, with the bride-to-be definitely keeping costs down compared to her English counterpart, as the average cost of a wedding in England is £18,500. The luxury items such as vintage car hire, videos, bespoke invitations and even flowers have been trimmed. Whilst the costs on the venue and the wedding dress itself has been constant. It seems the dream of marrying in a beautiful dress in a fairytale castle is as strong as ever, and long may that last.


The “DIY Wedding”, where a self-catering castle or large house is booked and then the bride organises the wedding themselves continues to be popular. However, not all self-catering venues will allow this and it is advised that you consult on venue selection beforehand. One such property that is ideal for weddings is this Baronial Castle in Argyllshire. The Scottish actress Kelly MacDonald and the bass player for Travis, Dougie Payne, are among previous happy couples that have chosen this option and we were happy to help with their castle selection and booking.