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I woke to the sounds of my husband teaching our 6 year old how to play marbles this morning.  I lay in bed a while listening to the pitter patter of rain and the banter going on in the other room as the rules of the game were discussed and the floor mapped.  It was already a day of games for rainy days. The “tap tap” of marbles knocking against one other and delighted outcry as Emily obviously scored a point against her father made me think of family holidays.

Family holidays are a wonderful means of crossing the generational divide. They tend to be the only occasions when dads have time to play marbles with daughters and families sit around a table playing cards or board games rather than on the sofa watching telly.

I spoke to someone recently who said they had stopped travelling abroad and for the past five years had taken to going on domestic self catering holidays instead.  When asked why, he said he and his wife couldn’t be bothered with all the fluff that goes with travelling abroad, particularly now they have children. Not just that, there was so much to see and do within the UK, why go to all the fuss and extra expense when there are plenty of choices available to spend a quality family holiday right here.  I tend to agree.

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What to do When the Weather Turns Damp

As modern life fragments the time parents and children get to spend with each other, going away on a self catering holiday can do wonders for parent/child relationships. When the weather turns damp, that doesn’t have to dampen the holiday mood either. Games for rainy days might take the form of jumping puddles or leaping over waves as they crash into shore. But when storms like the Beast from the East hurl in or a summer day’s humidity is relieved by a cracking tropical storm, something to occupy minds of all ages indoors are invaluable.

Self catering holiday homes are particularly well equipped these days with the guests and their activities at the heart of the offering. Most holiday houses present a selection of books for guests to choose from and games for rainy days.

Board games have kept families entertained for centuries and they the age-old staple for wet days when you’re stuck inside. Why should it be any different on holiday?

Big holiday houses and castles have the added value of providing lots of space to prevent that feeling of being ‘hemmed in’ when the weather isn’t so good. Many of the large holiday houses (or mansion houses as some like to call them) we rent for self catering holidays in Scotland come with games rooms packed with good old fashioned fun.

A quick ring round the office got everyone reminiscing on the sorts of games they played with their parents and siblings on holiday. This was the list that our memories conjured.

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Our top games for rainy days

  1. Hungry Hippos is perfect for even the youngest in the group. Whether you let the little’uns bash away at the board in the earliest throws of competition or race granny to the golden ball, it’ll get everyone energised
  2. Jenga is another great game for those with young children in the house. If they get bored you can at least have a best tower building competition
  3. Trivial Pursuit comes in myriad forms, with some versions being cripplingly academic, while others will flaw anyone who hasn’t watched British soap operas!
  4. Uno is a colourful card game with kids in mind and there is simple snap like version as well as one involving the joker cards, depending on age or ability
  5. Yahtzee will get the cogs turning and the competition roused with every roll of the dice and could strike a chord with the kids who have a penchant for anything numbers related
  6. Balderdash is a game of bluff and cunning based around unusual words and their definitions. Will you fool or be fooled?!
  7. Cranium is a curation of Pictionary and Articulate with a bit of Playdoh thrown in for fine motor skills measure. Are you a words, pictures or modelling person…?
  8. Twister is a hit with the kids when it’s raining outside and someone always finds its way out when the empties are queuing up on the sideboard and everyone’s already wobbling!
  9. Kerplunk is a game of skill and dexterity, apparently. Although nobody ever seems keen to chase a mass of marbles around a wooden floor.
  10. Cards Against Humanity is not for the politically correct or easily offended in your party, but it has been known to cause all manner of snorts, gasps and facial contortions
  11. Monopoly in full length original form as well as various shortened versions came up time and again – it’s the original board game staple
  12. Scrabble was also mentioned frequently and as a game that can divide the troops for it’s bizarrely competitive stirring over those darn two letter words
  13. Game of Life seems to have been in many people’s cupboards and we all remember the TV adverts for it, yet no-one could accurately agree on what the objective of the game was!
  14. Linkee is all about finding the link between the answers to the four questions on any given card and then spelling the word Linkee out from the letters on the back of you winning cards – it’s surprisingly enthralling
  15. Cluedo causes a bit of a Marmite response from the team – we either love it or hate it – how about you?
  16. Snakes and Ladders was favoured over Ludo, which drew blank faces from some of the team
  17. Pie Face was well known by the younger members of the team and those with small children, both of whom seem to have a penchant for watching artificial cream be splatted into the faces of friends and family (or briefly their arch rivals)

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