Like the TV programme, “Who do you think you are”, which is a journey of discovery with a celebrity learning about their family tree – the history of a Scotts Castle Holidays holiday house is equally fascinating.

Take the Unique Fishing Station for example. When you walk into this large holiday house you are entering into part of the fishing history of this area. Back in the early 1800’s, the house was used as a store for storing the salmon caught at St Cyrus bay, the fishing gear and for housing the seasonal workers. An ice barn was built into the rock to keep the salmon frozen, whilst the fishing station was built above it. Today, the dining area is on a gallery above the ice barn and the whole place is evocative of this bygone era. Whilst there is a delightful conservatory which enjoys stunning views over the bay.

Whatever the reason you wish to stay at this Scottish holiday house, by staying here in the North East, you will also get the character and history of a period of history of 200 years ago. Book now for your stay in a “historical holiday house” with a difference.