Book your Christmas Holiday now, before it’s too late!

Christmas is a fantastic and exciting time of year for a family to get together. As a traditional season of meeting up and getting festive in large groups, what better way to really push the boat out, than to rent a beautiful holiday house.

It is natural that large holiday homes present the perfect opportunity to experience a family festive celebration. A spacious period home, classic English Manor or Scottish castle is a picture postcard ideal for many holiday makers looking to get away for Christmas.

Dining room table all ready to host Christmas lunch

Dining room table all ready to host Christmas lunch

When should I book my Christmas Holiday?

Christmas and New Year are two of the most popular weeks in the calendar year for visitors wishing to book properties, particularly the self catered ones.

We experience first hand, the disappointment by clients when they leave it too late to book a property over the festive period. As demand often exceeds supply, we highly recommend you organise yourselves well in advance if you are considering going away for Christmas.

Will a Christmas tree be supplied?

Most properties supply a Christmas tree if requested inclusive of the rental price. Some may decorate them for you, others may prefer you to bring your own lights and decorations. It is best to check with the office staff if you have any particular requirements.

Two young girls in by the Christmas tree in front of the warming fire

Most properties will supply a Christmas tree

Can I set off Fireworks?

As many of our properties are surrounded by farmland, it is always a matter of courtesy to advise Scotts if you wish to let off fireworks during your stay. Some farmers may need to move stock if practical. A small number of properties will not allow fireworks displays on their grounds for insurance reasons. If in doubt, please check with the office.

Fireworks at Christmas and New Year

Fireworks at Christmas and New Year

Don’t Forget the Essentials

It is very easy to get carried away with the romanticism of Christmas, but it’s worth remembering that planning for a Christmas holiday away is always a busy and exciting time, and there are plenty of things to think about. In the bustle of trying to remember what to take with you, don’t forget about what you leave behind. Before embarking on your holiday away, there are a few things to remember to do to keep you and your home safe and sound.

    • Inform your neighbours of your plans, if they are sticking around they could keep an eye on your house for you.
    • Adjust your thermostat. Your house doesn’t need to be kept toasty warm if you are not there, but you don’t want anything to freeze either. Turning it down a few clicks will save you a bit on your winter bill.
    • Water your plants, and your Christmas tree if you have a real one up!
    • Purchase an automatic timer and leave a lamp in your hall or landing, set to come on in the evenings. Christmas tends to be an ‘easy pickings’ time for burglars, so do your best to deter opportunists.
    • Make sure you have breakdown cover, and have all the contact details you need on you when you travel. Should the worst happen, Christmas is a busy time on the roads, and you don’t want to get stuck!
    • Before you leave the house, make sure you have packed some ‘must have’ items that you may not want to be without! Take some medical provisions, because Christmas is a horrible time to be ill. Some cold and flu remedies, paracetomol, and a bottle of calpol for the kids is a must.
    • Don’t forget batteries and chargers. There are so many electronic devices around these days, don’t get caught short with a flat I-Pad battery, or a fancy new toy that can’t be used.
    • Do you need your phone book? Most people have all the contacts they need in their phones these days, but just have a think before you leave, is there any one you would want to call to wish a Merry Christmas? And do you have their number?!

Scotland, in particular, has much to offer those looking for a winter holiday. With dramatic landscapes, and snow-capped mountains the scenery will leave you breathless. For active holidays there are a number of Ski Centres, and always a range of outdoor activities that can be found all year round. With Traditional Christmas markets and festive tartan decorations, you will find Christmas in full swing when you arrive at your holiday venue.

Christmas is that one time of year when we all take some time out to come together and celebrate the year that’s been, and start planning fun into next. You can do it somewhere special with Scotts Castle Holidays in one of our Fabulous Big Houses for Christmas.