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We’re looking for an Apprentice

Are you keen to develop your Business Administration skills, working for a small but fun online travel company?  Then consider this:

  • Do you enjoy helping people?
  • Do you enjoy setting yourself goals and achieving them?
  • Do you want to learn how to make a big difference in a small environment?

Could this be the training ground you need to help develop your full potential?

You would need to be proficient using a computer, understand the principles of email and other software platforms, particularly Microsoft Word and Excel. Knowledge of Outlook would also help but isn’t essential.  A significant proportion of your day will be spent using a keyboard and communicating with customers via email, livechat and social media.  You will therefore need to know how to touch type, or similar.  We’re not asking for court room speed –  just reasonably fast, accurate typing.

How well did you do in GCSE English Language and Literature?  We would want proof you had been graded nothing less than a B.  Why? Because a lot of work is handled by email.  You would therefore be representing our business with every stroke of the keyboard.  We’d want to know you had a good handle on spelling and could be trusted to produce good, clear, professional content.  The same goes for Maths. This is because you will be taking and handling payments and inputting figures in different systems.  We want the reconciliation of our accounts to be faultless.

The purpose of a business is to create a customer

This role is heavily focused on meeting and exceeding customer expectation.  Just look at our reviews and you’ll see how customers value and comment on our professional, helpful service.  We love our customers, even the difficult ones.  We consider their problems to be our opportunities.  You must have the potential to be able to speak to them politely and with empathy.  How you speak to someone over the phone, matters.  We expect our staff to fully engage with customers, understanding their needs using reflective listening. We do not use scripts.  We won’t however, ask you to pick up the phone until we feel you have enough product knowledge to speak with some authority.

Teamwork makes the dream work

You don’t build a business, you build people and then people build the business.  We’re not looking for a rocket scientist or for someone with a lot of prior experience, we’re looking for aptitude and attitude.  We’re a small team which means we all rely on each other to get the job done and we help each other out when the need arises. You’ll need to fall in with this line of thinking. In fact, a quote by Ty Howard sums this up nicely:

A ‘just a job’ employee does just enough to keep their job while complaining about what’s not fair or right at work.

A ‘team player’ works positively together with everyone to get the job done the best way possible.

Travel matters

We operate out of a spacious, light converted barn in a quiet, rural location just off the A30, ten minutes north of Bodmin.  The office dog tends to require walks now and then. We encourage everyone to make the most of this to take a break from the computer screen and enjoy a bit of fresh air and exercise. Due to the rural location with no public transport available having your own car (and licence!) would be an essential means of getting to and from work.

We’re looking for a team player.  Could this be you?

Please submit your application through Cornwall College or call them on 0800 731 7594


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Could you be the next member of our Dream Team?