If you’re about to embrace your 50th and are looking for ideas on what to do or where to go, filling a castle or a beautiful stately home with friends and family might just tick all the boxes. To get you started, here are some 50th birthday ideas to mark this very special occasion.

10. Rent a Former Hotel

Plenty of former hotels have joined the self catered market. They’re perfectly set up to cater for groups with ensuite bathrooms, large dining rooms and lounge bars. Ideal for group holidays.

West Coast House

9. Book a Beautiful Period Home

The UK is home to a large quantity of period homes, many of whom have moved into holiday letting to help cover costs.  Each has its own unique history and architectural style, and given the room dimensions,  space is unlikely to be an issue.  This Adam Mansion dates back to the 1770’s and comes with its very own ballroom.

8. Holiday in a Castle

Nothing would be more memorable than hosting your 50th in a proper castle.  The rugged and wild landscapes of Scotland are resplendent with the sights of these imposing and majestic fortresses. Staying at a five star fortified tower like this one should definitely be on the bucket list.

Fenton Tower

7. Grand Designs for Your Birthday

If you’re after something a little unusual, how about a quirky church conversion featured on Grand Designs? Previous guests at this property told us  ‘walking through the doors our mouths dropped’ so we can guarantee a 50th birthday here would be a jaw dropper!

Church Conversion

6. Cinema Rooms Rock!

How about looking for a property that has something really cool, like its very own movie theatre!  Cinema rooms are becoming quite popular and the larger holiday houses really accommodate this form of luxury.  The big question will be who gets charge of the remote – the kids or the grown up’s!

5. Stay in a Modern Barn Conversion

Barn conversions make a perfect holiday choice for groups.  A beautifully renovated one like this in a private rural setting with lots of outdoor space would be great spot to host a birthday party. Particularly if, as this one does, it comes with its own tennis court.

Converted Norfolk Barn

4. Pick a Seaside Birthday Holiday

“Happiness is a quiet walk along the beach”.  The UK boasts some fabulous coastline, particularly in Wales, Scotland, Cumbria, Yorkshire and of course Cornwall.  This rather grand beach-side holiday home has private access to a sandy bay and when it’s not booked out for film shoots is definitely one for the shortlist!

Cornish Manor

3. Great Dining Spaces

Whatever style of property you choose to celebrate your birthday in, there will need to be enough space to comfortably accommodate friends and (select) family! Book a property with a nice dining space. Push the boat out and employ the services of a caterer for your special birthday meal.

Suffolk Holiday Home

2. Properties with Pools

To keep guests entertained no matter the weather, why not pick a large holiday home that comes with a games room or better still, a swimming pool.  This Grade II Listed Manor has just that, and boy is it popular!

Listed Mansion in Wales

1. Properties with the Wow Factor

If you really want to indulge yourself and your guests, look for properties that have a real ‘Wow’ factor.  Pick a property with an impressive facade, with spectacular views.  For a real Downtown experience, bring in the cavalry and ‘upgrade’ your self catering holiday home to a ‘serviced’ one instead.

Manor in Wales

Whatever style of property you decide to pick for your special occasion we hope we’ve given you enough ideas to get started.

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