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All you need to know about castles in Scotland

Along with tartan, bagpipes and thistles, castles represent one of the most iconic symbols of Scotland. The Scottish landscape is dotted with castles at almost every turn. In fact there are more than 1,500 castles in Scotland…

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14 Scottish castles with royal connections

Who doesn’t love a named connection, a celebrity tie-in, a famous face to associate with? Admittedly not everyone, but castles with royal connections are certainly high on the hit list for those looking to stay in a castle.…

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Our selection ranges from basic but comfortable party houses, to modern church conversions, ancient castles to luxury lodges in Scotland, England & Wales. Something for everyone in taste & budget!

We market a great range of value for money, quirky, historically interesting, uber-smart or just family friendly self-catering holiday group accommodation.

Large holiday rentals are our specialty. We have over 800+ large holiday houses, beach houses, shooting lodges, stand-alone castles & castle apartments, mansions, country estates, big farmhouses, big cottages, townhouses, converted churches and former country house hotels - all available to book for self-catering holidays in Scotland, England & Wales.

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