About Scotts Castle Holidays

We market a great range of value for money, quirky, historically interesting, uber-smart or just family friendly holiday accommodation across the UK for groups of 10+

Established in 1988, Scotts Castle Holidays remains the oldest and amongst the largest sleeps 10+ holiday house and castle specialists in the UK. From idyllic coastal cottages in Wales and traditional English manors to impressive Scottish fortresses, wherever you wish to stay and whatever the big occasion we’ve got the big house for you.

Our ethos is simply to fill the properties we market with groups of happy, satisfied customers, who will return again for advice and help with their two to three generational family holidays and special occasions.

Our small team of eight staff work furiously hard behind the scenes to meet the needs of our portfolio of owners and the guests to fill their homes. Building relationships with all our customers to ensure continuity of care is provided as much as possible. Our staff are determined to go the extra mile, to deliver an exceptionally helpful and friendly service, to be empathic and listen attentively.

Our Customer Service Team

The cheery phone calls and friendly email responses you receive when calling or enquiring about a property or booking, are most likely handled by one of these lovely ladies. They turn up every day to work with a smile on their face, no matter how insurmountable the task ahead. Their magic fingers whistle across the keyboard responding to queries, taking payments, processing bookings, transfers, advising on catering, activities, travel and everything else involved in the handling of someone's special holiday. This mob regularly go the extra mile. That's why they get such good reviews on Feefo!


Our Management Team

Scotts Castle Holidays wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for the persistence, patience and vision of our Senior Management Team. They are the driving force behind the idea that it is possible to provide a superior service in a highly competitive industry where value is placed on maintaining positive, trustworthy relationships over making a fast buck.

Between this earnest crew their roles & responsibilities encompasses everything else between; from property visits to finance, from systems and processes to supporting industry groups; problem solving, finance, law, people development, advertising, branding and so the list goes on.

Our Marketing & PR Team

We've got a fabulous consortium of creative thinkers who help keep our fingers on the pulse when it comes to self-promotion. From organising photo shoots, to running competitions or sourcing new affiliates to promote the portfolio, our busy marketing team finds all sorts of clever ways of getting people to talk about us. Being a little 'English' about blowing our own trumpets, these wonderful people do a lot of that for us. A little of their magic goes a long way!

perfect balance marketing

Our IT Support & Web Team

I think we would probably call it a day if we didn't have the daily support of these bright sparks. There's not much they don't know about programming, software, databases, APIs, algorithms, analytics, androids and apples. We are quietly concerned these gents get so engrossed in their work they forget to eat. When on-site, we feed them tea, biscuits and cake.

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